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Temporary assignment of employees for all positions (personnel leasing)

Do you need workforce in your company, however accepting new employees means a problem or a burden?

Use our SMART Contract to Hire placement – personnel leasing. The success of every company depends on qualified and reliable workers. It is not easy to find accountable work force. Our SMART contract-to-hire employment will help you overcome those times, when there are quality people lacking.

„Contract-to-hire or temporary assignment of employees is a type of work-related relationship, where the employee has labor contract with a personal agency – he/she is employee of Proplusco, however performs work for “employer-user”, to whom the contract-to-hire employee is allocated for specified period of time. This enables you to gain highly qualified employee for arbitrary position and time.”

Try to answer these questions

- Do you need to cover easy or, in contrary, a highly specified job positions?
- Are you facing difficulties with finding the right workforce?
- Do you lack the time necessary for thorough selection and recruitment of workforce?
- Do you need to get rid of vast time exhausting administration related to payroll management?

If you answered at least once YES, you are at the right place in the right hands. Please, fill in the following questionnaire.

How will you profit with collaboration with us?

Greater work force flexibility and therefore financial effectivness
You utilize the work force when you really need it
Saves your time – you don´t need to select CVs, search for candidates and conduct interviews
Payroll and personnel agenda costs deduction
Quick execution – order processing in few days to hours
Quick resolution of employee´s absence
ON- SITE Management- daily communication and problems solving via our coordinators at the work place
We cover all bureaucracy connected with payroll management
Flexible termination of temporary assignment of higher amount of workers without any provisions associated with collective redundancies
Guarantee of realized service
Review and immediate control of work attendance in our attendance system

References from our Contract to hire employees

Pavol Kubica

A lot of job offers. Well paid work. Pay-off always on time. Everyone can choose something there. Kind approach to people.

Jozef Balušík

I was satisfied, mainly you were always very nice to me or to anyone else. When somebody asks me for job, I will recommend you :)

Adrián Brčák

I am very satisfied with the agency, I did not have any difficulties finding a job, and I could get to work right the next day. The HR coordinator I am in contact with is very nice and is always trying meet me halfway, so thet both parties are happy. I recommend this agency.

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