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Non-binding price offer for companies
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Smart Recruitment

Smart Recruitment

Intermediation of an internal employee to your company

We deliver you the employee made-to-measure

Make the most effective use of your time and money and leave all your concerns with the new employee search to us (regardless of the sector of your business activity).

Ask yourself one of these questions!

- Do you have shortage of employees?
- Are you facing difficulties with finding the right candidates?
- Do you lack time to search for the candidates, calling them, pre-screening, first interview rounds, or testing?
- Are you thinking: How to do it?
- Are you a smaller company and do not have own HR department? Or are you a bigger company and still not meeting the desired recruitment quotas?

If you answered at least once YES, you are at the right place in the right hands. Please, fill in the following questionnaire.

What will you earn with our collaboration?

- Individual approach
- Service tailored made-to-measure
- Get to know the client from A to Z
- Everyday database updating
- Effectiveness (1 st candidate interviewed in 7 days)
- Quality (only top candidates are sent to client)
- Confidentiality
- Reliability
- Guaranty

References from placed employees

Martin A.

I responded to one of job offers, that Proplusco posted on their web page. After sending my CV I got immediately a thank you reply, which I was very pleased with. Next day I got a call from a recruiter and consequently a personal appointment. Everything went very fast. I recommend this company.

Jana K.

The first phone contact with Proplusco was already very pleasant, as well as the whole selection process. Thanks to this company I have a great job and I by no means I regret leaving my previous employer.

Filip R.

I would highlight excellent communication before and after the interview as well as fast feedback. Helpfulness and kind approach when making an appointment. Pleasant communication throughout the whole selection process.

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