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For the Employers


Like we care about the clients, that interest themselves in our work offers, we care also about the satisfaction of the employers that we offer our services in three main steps:

  • personal Leasing
  • recruitment
  • temporary job service

Personal Leasing

The Slovak republic lays very high requirements on employers in the form of taxes, therefore even with a larger volume of jobs, the employers cant afford to employ more people. If in your company you need workers but cant affford to employ them for the long term, we offer a solution in the form of Personal Leasing.

Personal Leasing is a form of work relationship, in which the worker has a contract with the Personnel agency, in this case with PROPLUSCO but works for the so called user employer, that rents the worker for a certain period of time. Using this method you can gain a qualified worker for any work position and period of time. In Slovakia, personal leasing began in the 90’s but only very few companies could offer this kind of work relationship. In the present, the situation changed and more and more companies meddle with this kind of service.

The main advantage of Personal Leasing is its time flexibility. All duties and obligations incuding searching for and picking suitable candidates fall on our work and personnel agency. We search for suitable candidates, they go through an extensive interview and get offered as the very best on the work market. We save your time and money. Your overall expenses will be shorter of wage and personell agenda managment We also pay the costs of registration and logging out of the insurance companies.
Learn more about personal leasing HERE


The success of every company is standing on finding responsible workers of very high quality. Finding these workers is not an easy task but our SMART Personnel leasing will help you overcome the times when you miss good workers in your team.

  • The advantages of SMART personnel leasing
  • Economical Efficiency- Ensures higher flexibility of the work force
  • Time Variablilty- You only ever use the work force when you actually need it
  • Time Economy- You don’t have to work with CV’s look for candidates and have interviews
  • Lowering of costs- In the area of wage and personell agenda
  • Quick realization- Finishing your order in several days to hours
  • Operative- Quick replacement in case of missing worker
  • Cost item - our services are not a payroll item
  • Investigation?- particularly in the area of dispute resolution
  • Finishing a project- Flexibility when letting go of a bigger amount of workers without the nessesity of nessesary arrangements that cohere with collective redundancy
  • The Guarantee of Service- Quick worker delivery, quick replacement incase of unattendance or the customers unsatisfaction
How do we Work


  • We register the candidates in our database and incase we need them we can instantly adress them .
  • We only choose the best candidates according to the clients criteria.
  • We keep in touch with the candidates and continuously offer them jobs
  • We keep our database according to the personal data act


  • We provide the chosen candidates with information about the premises where they will be working
  • All the commitments related to the management of a personnel and wage agenda go to us
  • If necessary, we will provide BOZP, PO and a proper health check
  • Employees are employed in accordance with the Code with the same conditions as the employee's skeleton employees
  • In our direction is also a proper termination of the employment relationship according to the Labor Code

Project Projection

  • If in the need of the client we can roof:
  • Coordination of further interview and training processes
  • Using the on-site coordinators supply workers temporarily assigned into the work process
  • ON-Site service- Regular visits of our co-ordinator on-site
  • Securing transport and accomodation


In our company we very well realize that time is Money, and we'll help you find the right work candidates. If you need workers, but you don't have time for the selection procedure, please contact us. We take care of search and selection of suitable candidates for you with the recruitment service. In our work we apply extensive database search, advertising and social networking contacts

You can specify your requirements such as qualification or experience, and we'll find you suitable candidates, we organize tests, which may include, in addition to the oral interview and tests some kind of practical tasks. Of all the candidates we select for you the most interesting, and you can then choose ones, that will suit you the most. Our priority is promptness. Your request will be executed the first week after your submission.
You can learn more about the recruitment service here

SMART Permanent Placement- Find a Tailor-made Person

During the whole process, we will meet your needs. At the beginning you determine the criteria and we bring the most suitable candidates to a personal meeting, where you are present. From there, you simply choose the best one, which will come in handy in your company

  • You set the criteria for your future employees, qualification, experience and number of candidates.
  • They go through a strict Selection Procedure.
  • Our consultants will present you the best candidates that we found.
  • From a group of candidates you choose the best, most fit one for you.
  • SMART recruitment is special in the area of online recruitment.
  • We choose the candidates through online media, social networks and specialized portals.
  • We personally call each candidate before inviting him for an interview.
  • If nessesary, we can advise when concluding the final contract of employment.


  • Shorter selection process
  • With outsourcing the selection you get more time for solving possible internal personal problems.
  • We provide feedback to all candidates.
  • We keep all information in accordance to the personal data act.
  • In the case of requirements we will provide the testing of our candidates, and we can carry out Psychodiagnostics
  • The reward will be billed to the candidate only after taking up employment.


Do you need an employee for a short time? Brigadier is the best option for small seasonal work, working only a few hours a day, replacing employees on maternity leave or solving sudden incapacity to work. Brigadier's employment is mutually beneficial. The brigade will efficiently solve the labor shortage. The employee is able to earn a little money and gain new experience.

Temporary job service a service provided by the employer or private individuals, who need seasonal work, but even those who have jobs, which is not possible in terms of efficiency of the workers to occupy permanently. Proplusco offers workers for a variety of jobs, from Office to manual work. Also in this service we choose candidates based on your requrements.
Learn more about Temporary Job service HERE

SMART Part-time work services

Looking for temporary workers? Do you need to quickly solve a shortage of labour? PROPLUSCO offers an effective solution. For a variety of short-term jobs, from events through social events and cleaning services, we can provide our clients proven temporary job services.

What does the law say?

  • Legislation limited the part-time service offered by business recruitment agencies as we knew it.
  • To convey (to temporarily assign) can only be an employee who is employed on a permanent contract of employment. Thus eliminating the option to allocate non-permanent workers.
  • Failure to comply with the law threatens a financial penalty for us as a service provider, but as well as for the employer.

Our SMART Solutions

  • We solve staffing needs in the form of custom delivery services. At the beginning we set boundary conditions.
  • This way both parties are protected of any sanctions by the Labour Inspectorate.
  • At work we use-ON site management-through our coordinator.
  • We provide higher performance and faster staff recruitment of new people.
  • Where appropriate, we will provide necessary materials, tools and safety gear for smooth execution of the contract.
  • The appropriate form of addressing this need is the SMART Payroll outsourcing- outsourcing salaries.

Quality Politics

  • We operate on strict quality criteria.
  • We use our extensive experience and databases to select workers.
  • Our staff visits the workplace regulary to check whether the employee performs his work thoroughly and in accordance with our company's standards.

Execution of the contract

  • We always try to execute the order in the shortest possible time, usually within 24 hours.
  • Each contract is executed separately and with its own staff.
  • We will manage data management according to the customer's requirements.


By the selection procedure, our interest in you will not end. The PROPLUSCO employment and personnel agency provides you with guarantees for selected candidates.

If, during the warranty period, you find that the selected employee or brigade does not comply for some reason, PROPLUSCO will issue a new tender and will replace this place with a new, non-paid candidate. The selection process and all costs associated with it will be fully covered by our work and personal agency. The warranty period generally ranges from one to three months, depending on the type of job and the requirements of the particular job.

Other Guarantees we offer:

  • Delivery of temporary workers for the agreed time
  • The replacement of work incapable workers in time
  • Timely wage payments, taxes, and the preparation of valid employment contracts
  • Correctness of payroll administration
  • Keeping a database and regularly updating worker information
Do you need to know more? Call us at 02/65 412 143, 0903 702 333
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